Does your child get easily frustrated when something is hard?

If the answer is yes, that is completely normal! The ability to overcome challenges is something that has to be built throughout childhood. Learning a musical instrument is the perfect way to develop resiliency!

The next time your child is really struggling with something hard, try following these steps to turn that frustration into an “I can do this!” attitude:

1. Take one step back and acknowledge that this is hard! Validating the child’s feelings is

2. Ask them just how difficult the task is using the “Difficulty Scale” or another visual.
Maybe this task is so hard that it goes all the way at the top! Or maybe its medium hard
and therefore it goes somewhere in the middle. You can even use a sticky note to write
the task down and plot it on the chart.

3. Then, you explain that even though this is hard, we are still going to do it! This is the
time to fill your child up with support. Maybe they need a hug or a sprinkle of “bravery
dust.” They might need to do ten jumping jacks or show you their strong flute muscles.

4. Whatever you were working on, take a deep breath and do it at least 10 times.

5. At the end of the repetitions, ask them again, was it any easier? Most of the time, it’s a
“YES!” and what a great feeling that is to move the sticky note down closer to green!

You can track practice points over the course of a week or even longer. That way your chart is filled with songs and skills that are new & difficult and others that are now easy for them to play! If you do this consistently, your child will develop confidence and will have developed a process for learning new things. They will begin to realize that life is hard, but I can do hard things!