The art of practicing is an art in itself.

Lets explore a creative way that we can use rhythm. Lets broaden our creative energies.

Clapping Rhythms: A parent can do the rhythm chosen, then sister or brother, then our amazing student. Do in any desired order.

Use Household Items: There are numerous items in our homes that rhythms can be gleefully played on. What are some of the items in your home to use? Any drums in the house? Table or counter tops?

Body Rhythms: How often do we do our daily activities with music on and our bodies swaying, jumping, swooping? What kind of movements do you and your child make when having fun with music?

Your Instrument: Then finally we can play the rhythm on our instrument with any notes chosen, then the correct notes of new music being learned.

The key is to enjoy rhythm. When the rhythm is understood, it is so much more fun. Lets make this a positive conversation on enjoying the RHYTHMS in our life.

YOU are welcome to share your ideas!