Suzuki Guitar Program 

(Sept 7th – June 21st)
Learning to play an instrument at an early age is an avenue to acquiring many necessary life skills including concentration, self-confidence, problem solving, self-discipline, responsibility, listening, cooperation, self-expression and much more!

Students as young as 4 years may register for our guitar program. If your child is 4 years, the majority of each lesson will focus on the parent learning and participating. As you learn to play the guitar and continue to practice at home, your child will soon be immersed in a musical environment and will want to play too. This is the same process that allows all children to learn their native language. And don’t worry, we teach you everything you need to know. No previous music experience is necessary to begin this wonderful journey with your child! For students that are 6 years+, parents usually shift to role of observer and note taker in the lesson so that they can assist with at home practice.

Our Academic guitar program runs from Sept 8th- June 21th, and tuition includes all of the following components:                                                                             

  • Weekly private lesson
  • Bi-weekly group classes (age 5+)
  • Recitals

New students may begin anytime as long as we have openings!

Meet our awesome guitar teacher Miss Jackie!

My 9 year old daughter started months ago and has been loving every step of the learning process. Jenni and Stephanie, the most encouraging teachers, have incorporated card and song based games to engage children with every note. From field trips to group lessons to recitals to individual learning, this program is truly immersive and allows the student (not the music book) to dictate the pace. With no hesitation, I’ve enrolled my six year old son, who has stepped into the program with ease and is also thrilled to be included into the Flute and Friends community. Thanks Stephanie and Jenni for your dedication to our children’s musical learning!


Mom of sibling students

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