Studio Details

The Academic Season commitment is from Sept-June. New students may begin anytime as long as the Academy has new student openings.

Parent/Guardian Participation

Parents function as a core component of the Suzuki method and take on the role of “at home practice partner.” It is a requirement that parents with children under the age of 10 attend & participate in all lessons and group classes. It is recommended that the same parent/caregiver that comes to the weekly lesson also be the at home practice partner. This ensures consistency and more efficient weekly skill building. In the occasional circumstance that a different parent/caregiver brings a student to a lesson, they must also be willing to participate and take notes.

Private Lessons

Students will take a weekly private lesson throughout the semester. There will be a minimum of 30 lessons scheduled per 2016-2017 season.

 Lesson length requirements are as follows:  

  • Book 1A:  30 min lesson
  • Book 1B:  30 min lesson (option of a 45 min lesson, but not required)
  • Book 2 & 3:  45 min lesson required
  • Book 4 & above: 60 min lesson required

 Group Classes

Group classes provide an enjoyable social outlet for musical learning and teach valuable ensemble skills that cannot be learned in private lessons alone. Group classes are a core component of the Suzuki Method and are required for all students except those who are playing in honor band, youth orchestra or flute choir (this applies only to students in Book 3+). Please note school band and orchestra does not exempt students from group classes. A minimum of 15 group classes will be taught per season. Classes are mixed with ages & levels for learning purposes.

Studio Recitals

All students are required to perform in two studio recitals per year (Dec & May). A piano accompanist will be provided for all studio recitals. Students are also required to participate in one mandatory piano rehearsal before playing in any recital.


Tuition fees are based on the length of the lesson and include all private lessons, group classes, studio play-ins, studio recitals, and other community performance opportunities. Tuition does NOT include optional ticketed events such as concerts, masterclasses or graduate recital fees.

“Through the process of playing the flute, my daughter is developing the discipline that she can make it through challenging moments as long as she makes the decision to try. She is learning that even when something doesn’t come easily to her, she can accomplish it as long as she commits herself to making consistent effort. Because Jenni is such a warm, focused, engaging teacher who sets high expectations, my daughter is eager to keep working at building this life skill with her. It’s an amazing and delightful process to be a part of.”


Mom of flute student