Is Practicing Boring? Ways to Avoid Monotony

When practicing at home during the week, it can be difficult sometimes to be excited and attentive. If there is too much of the same practice routine, it is common to plateau and to stop practicing, halting any progress. However, practicing should be fun and relaxing! Here are some ways to keep at-home practicing fun and entertaining:

-Compete or take turns with while playing music-related games.

-Teach the non-practice parent or sibling how to do a particular task on your instrument.

-Practice in front of an audience such as other family members, stuffed animals, or in front of the family pet!

– Sing along with the recording, or come up with new words for the Suzuki songs.

-Clap, jump, and stomp feet to the rhythm of songs together.

-Play “Name That Tune” while listening to the CD, and see who gets it right first!

-Split practice into multiple short sessions instead of one long, big chunk of time.

-When preparing for a recital, try practicing in all the rooms of your house for a change in environment.

*Plastic flute students: practice in the car! Practice in the bathtub! You can practice anywhere.