It’s sometimes difficult to remember what to do during a concert; there’s a lot of people present that you might not know, it’s a new and possibly nerve-wracking experience if you’re performing, and it’s much more intimidating than performing in group class or in your private lesson. During recitals, the audience follows certain rules, just as a performer does, but concert etiquette is not exactly intuitive. Here are some tips and reminders to keep the day stress-free and relaxed.


If your child is performing, do not worry – we’re all here to support them! But it can be hard to keep that in mind. If stage fright is something your child struggles with, practice raising your heart-rate – running up and down the stairs, doing jumping jacks, etc. – to simulate your body’s response to nervousness. Then play all the way through your piece once you’re breathing harder. This will make the stress of performing more manageable on the day of the recital.

-Please dress up for this special occasion! Avoid wearing jeans or sneakers.

-Performers need to arrive 15 min early for warm up.

-During the recital, performers are expected to sit in the designated student section and to wait patiently and quietly for their turn. If your child is having difficulty with this, please offer assistance to the teachers so that they can focus on the needs of the performers.

-Performers are not permitted to bring toys or food into the designated student section. Younger siblings will also need to sit with parents and not with performers.


If you’re sitting in the audience, it can be tempting to look around the room, wave to your friends, and talk to your neighbors. But it is important that audience members remain quiet during each performance. Since music is mostly a listening activity, any extra sounds that aren’t part of the music can get in the way of the recital experience.

-If young children are crying or having a tantrum, please take them into the lobby until they calm down. Please do not let young children run around or into the performance space while someone is playing.

-The stage in the Chapel is very dangerous because there are no railings. We recommend that parents do not let their children play on the stage before or after the recital. If you permit your child to play on stage please keep a close eye on them.

-Refreshments are for after the recital only. There is no food or drink allowed in the Chapel space and refreshments need to be enjoyed in the lobby after the recital concludes.

-Please do not go upstairs in the choir loft, there are plenty of seats downstairs. There are wires all over the floor in the loft and we don’t want anyone to get hurt.

-Please turn your cell phone off or put it on silent, and give your full attention to the performers. Even though they’re a bit busy playing on stage, they can still see you, especially if your phone’s brightness is giving you a spotlight.

-Pictures and videos are fine, however please do not use your flash. This can be a huge distraction to the performers.

-Please remain seated and to sit without fidgeting so you don’t distract your neighbors or the performers on stage.

-Please help us take care of the space and check your seats and the floor for trash and personal belongings before you leave.

Above all else,  show appreciation for each performer by applauding at the end of each piece!