Your child may be a perfectionist if…

– They refuse to work isolated sections and insist on always starting from the beginning of a piece.
– Are self-deprecating and/or very upset when they make a mistake

What can you do? How you can support and encourage your child?

Sometimes it’s helpful to remind your child that mistakes are okay! There is no such thing as perfection and we all make mistakes. Parents makes mistakes, teachers make mistakes. Mistakes are how we learn and grow! Mistakes are good!
Can you figure out how to make mistakes fun? Can you celebrate mistakes?!

Come up with a mantra for your child to say before they start practicing and perhaps before they start each repetition! “I can do this!” “I am going to try my best right now and that’s great!”

Remind your child of how good they feel when they succeed… and remind them of what it took to get there! (Lots of hard works and definitely mistakes!)

Music lessons are a great opportunity because students get to work individually with a trusted adult. It is a safe environment to make and celebrate mistakes!