Bring more music into the holiday season with these lesson toys and tricks! The following items are perfect for stuffing stuffers, and would enable your child to enjoy their virtual lessons at a whole new level.

Suzuki Repertoire Song Cards
Available for multiple instruments, these are the same song cards that teachers use during lessons, and would be perfect for at-home practicing as well.

Counter Beads
When practicing a particular section of a piece, it’s often helpful to play something ten times in a row to make sure it’s perfect. This abacus-esque practice tool allows the student to move a bead for every accurate playing of a passage, making it more tactile and rewarding.

Pneumo Pro
This teaching tool is ideal for beginner and intermediate flute students alike, as it assists with visualizing the physics involved in creating a sound on the flute.

Chromatic Scale Dice
For older students who need to practice their scales, this can be a fantastic way to make practicing more interesting.

Woof/Meow Bag Ties
Hear us out: we know these are chip bag sealers. However, these are perfect for beginning flute players to visually represent how much their tongue needs to stick out when learning articulation.

Music Mind Games Cards
You can purchase almost any of the rhythm and alphabet games that teachers use in their lessons, and also discover new ones! Each deck of cards come with game instructions, but you can also invent your own games at home.

If you don’t want to spend too much money this holiday season, the following are perfect around-the-house items that could be repurposed for virtual music lessons:

Bouncy Ball
Establishing a sense of beat on your own can be difficult, and using bouncy balls can help with visualizing the music and playing a consistent, steady beat.

Finding your consistent flute sound as a beginner is incredibly difficult. Why not warm up your air with a fun pinwheel?

One can’t go wrong using regular dice! Dice can be used for practice repetitions, making decisions, and pretty much anything else you put your mind to.

Happy practicing, and Happy Holidays!