~Here are some fun music ideas to get the whole family involved, without your instruments!

~Try to pick a fun dinner recipe theme, and find music to listen to! For example, for a French dinner night with baguette and ratatouille, you could listen to Amaryllis, Melancholic Fantasy, Gluck Minuet from Orpheus and Euridice, Bizet, and many more. Watch a concert for movie night to see an orchestra!

~Seeing an orchestra up close and personal (with the help of great camera work) in the comfort of your own home is a delightful way to wind down after a long day. Try looking on Youtube at the Berlin Philharmonic, Philadelphia Orchestra, and many other wonderful groups to find some beautiful recordings.

~Try playing rhythm games together – either Music Mind Games ones, or come up with your own!

~There’s nothing wrong with a good old game of musical chairs. 🙂

~Have you ever composed a piece before? Well, it’s super easy and fun. Try composing your own piece together as a family; find instruments from around the house (like pots and pans, ripping pieces of paper, bottles, etc.), and bring them together to create a cacophony of fun sounds and laughter!