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Suzuki flute students playing Music Mind Games during group class at Flute and Friends Music AcademyMusic Literacy with Joy!

Music is a complex language that has many literacy components, in addition to learning one’s instrument. It is difficult for private lesson teachers to spend as much time as they would like on music literacy, while also developing the fundamentals of playing the instrument. Music Mind Games is a joyful curriculum taught through clever & exciting games that works for a variety of learning styles (aural, visual, and kinesthetic).

Students learn:

  • Dictation & Sight singing
  • Rhythm Math
  • Reading Rhythms
  • Alphabet & Intervals
  • Staff & Notes
  • Tempos
  • Music Symbols

Music Mind Games is incorporated heavily into our Suzuki Flute program as early as age 3. Students enjoy learning these games in both their private lessons and group classes, and play them at home as part of their weekly practice assignments.

The Academy also offers private MMG group workshops to students of all ages, skill levels, and instruments! If you are a private studio teacher that would like to set up workshop for your students, please contact us today for more info!




Ten years ago our 4-year-old happened to attend a flute recital of a friend. The next morning we heard “when I can I take lessons with Ms. Jenni?” And thus we chose a friend and mentor who happened to be an amazing flute teacher. I am so impressed with Jenni’s loving approach and gentle but persistent focus on developing the whole child. More than just learning strong flute fundamentals, Ian’s musical life – and ours – has been enriched by working with her.


mom of student

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