Music learning apps can be a great supplement to a child’s music studies. They’re an educational alternative to phone/ipad games and can be used whenever a student would
normally reach for a device.

Apps can be divided into four general categories:

  • Rhythm
  • Note Reading (Theory)
  • Aural Skills (Ear Training)
  • Composition

Rhythm Swing and The Most Amazing Sheep Game are great introductory games for kids that focus on establishing pulse with plenty of cute animals. For older students, “Rhythm Cat” is an app with 60 levels of rhythmic training fun, plus more animals.

Note Reading
Flashcard apps such as Musical Notes Flashcards and Do Re Memory are good for note recognition practice. Some apps even have capabilities to train sight reading. The classic game, Flashcard Derby can be played either on the screen or by activating the microphone and playing the notes on the user’s instrument. Monster Musician is another great app students can play into which features progressive levels for older students to enjoy as well.

Aural Skills
Young children and beginners can start with Blob Chorus, Monkey Drum and/or Monkey Tunes. For general children’s ear training Lami and Ear Cat are fun, interactive apps. Perfect Ear Trainer is a good ear training app for older students.

Jelly Bean Tunes is a theory app in which users can also create melodies. The app, Loopimal, allows users to create their own sequences using colorful blocks of sound that correspond to cute animal visuals. Mussila Music School is an award-winning general music learning app with engaging visuals and lessons in which users can also create their own music (also a piano learning app).

For music notation and recording, Cornelius Composition is a user friendly notation program for notating compositions. Songify and Music Memos let you record bits of music you may want to turn into a complete composition in the future. Lastly, Garage Band, which is a digital music workstation with a collection of instruments and effects with which to create music, recommended for older students as it takes some time to figure out.

Additionally, instrument specific apps are available such as GuitarTuna/Yousician, Perfect Piano, and Play Along Flute.