Recall your child’s first word…

Now imagine it was their first sound. What if they had emerged silent and pondered speech until they were ready to present the fruits of their observations? “Go,” or perhaps “Mama.”

In language, as in music, sense coalesces out of nonsense. A child learning to speak will spend years in a state of perpetual failure, intimating surrounding people until the necessary cognitive and physical faculties start to rise from the depths. Language takes shape gradually, like eyes adjusting to the darkness.

So what does it mean for a child to babble with regards to music? Speaking or playing without organization must be a process of whimsical experimentation. There is no place for censorship and there is no place for self-judgment. If children were to be exposed to instruments with the frequency that they are able to imitate and experiment with spoken language they would all qualify as prodigious.

Root around in the dark and do not cripple yourself with the need to know what you are doing.