Music makes you feel many different emotions – joyful, angry, sleepy, etc. While learning how to express your emotions while playing music, it may be helpful to experience music in new ways. Listening to music while dancing, drawing or painting, or even playing pretend while listening and seeing how the music affects the story can be massively helpful in learning how to express yourself through music. Drawing a night sky while listening to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or spontaneously inventing a bird dance while hearing Cuckoo can make the music come alive in a completely new way.

Experiencing our familiar Suzuki music in a different way can help you notice new things about the piece. In addition to this, changing the type of music you’re listening to can also affect how you perceive the emotions in the music. Being introduced to new, non-Suzuki music can bring fresh, unfamiliar, and more challenging ideas for musical expression.