Though we are unable to meet in person, you and your child have accomplished something great this semester by learning and growing together in music — and there’s no better way to celebrate that than by gathering for a Zoom recital! Here are some tips for our recital days to go smoothly:

Dress up. This is a special occasion! Feel free to dress as you would if we were having the recital in person. It’s a great excuse to get out of your pajamas!

Create your own stage. While seeing your living room floor or your kitchen is excellent for lessons with your private teacher, you may want to build your own stage area in your home so the recital day feels a bit more special.

Show up five-ten minutes early in the waiting room. This waiting room enables us to see everyone who is entering the Zoom recital for security purposes, and gives us time before the recital to include everyone.

-While in the Zoom call, set it to speaker view rather than gallery, so that you can focus your attention on the performer and not on looking at everyone in the “audience”.

-Make sure to keep yourself muted throughout the recital. The teachers will unmute you when it is your turn to perform.

Please stay for the whole recital to support students that come last on the program.

-Don’t forget to invite your friends & family by sharing our Zoom Meeting ID & Password! Inform your teacher of your guests names so that they can be recognized in the waiting room.