Everyone has a dominant learning style, and therefore receives and processes information in a specific way. However, when learning online, students have a limited way of receiving information that’s restricted to Zoom and FaceTime. Here are some suggestions for learning and practicing in a way that is most comfortable for your child to set them up to succeed!

Visual Learners:
-Learn best by seeing the sheet music or writing notes down
-Remember what the music looks like through visual associations, such as colors and patterns, and by picturing something in their “minds’ eye”
-Practice Tip: Visually map out your piece on some paper, and create an accompanying story to help you remember!

Auditory Learners:
-Learn best by listening to how a piece sounds
-Remember what the music sounds like by singing the tune or learning through echoing the teacher (teacher plays a passage, student repeats it)
-Practice Tip: Listen to your piece as much as possible! Try to find different recordings by different artists with different styles, and pick your favorite to listen to the most.

Kinesthetic Learners:
-Learn best through body movement
-Remember how the music feels in their fingers or body, rely heavily on muscle memory
-Practice Tip: Come up with different practicing games or experiments to help you remember more difficult passages of your piece. For example, change the rhythm to see how it sounds and feels different, and then switch back to how it’s printed. Also, take frequent movement breaks to do a lap around the house or some jumping jacks!