Understanding Song Format

 It all starts with a melody that persists in your ear, your heart, your feet. A melody that makes you dance and sing is a melody you will remember for a long time. The Suzuki Book 1 songs were composed to accomplish this goal – melodies that everyone can sing, dance, and most importantly, remember!

 The first step of learning any song is to listen to it – A LOT! However, an important step to learning songs, which may often be overlooked, is to understand the format of the song. What’s the song format, you ask? Think of it like a road map to the song. It tells you where to go next. Or when to get back on that one street you were on for a while. And when you go home, you repeat the same steps.

Try to relate your song to this analogy. Find which lines repeat. Find where the rhythm changes, or where it sounds like a new phrase or new lyrics may start. Take the flute song “Fireflies” for example – a very basic song form. The song is composed of four lines – however, the second and third lines are identical, and the fourth line is identical to the first. Do you see how this “road map” is so helpful in remembering a song? In reality, you’re only learning two lines of music; you just have to know when to repeat which line!

Don’t worry – if you’re really listening, your ear will give you this information. Furthermore, Your Suzuki teacher understands form very well, and will guide you and your child to understanding your song a little bit better. Once you develop the song format, you will manage learning the notes & melodies much easier!