Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach other instruments besides the flute?

Yes! We have a Suzuki Piano, Flute & Guitar program.

Do I have to take both group classes and private lessons?

Yes! Both are necessary and included in your tuition. There are many skills to acquire in group class setting that cannot be taught in a private lesson alone. Most students love group class.

Do I have to purchase my own instrument?

 Yes! All of our wonderful teachers will assist you in the process of purchasing your own instrument. Please do NOT purchase your own instrument before you discuss this with your teacher. This way we can be sure to assist you in finding the best fit for your child. 

How do I know what instrument to choose for my child?

If your child is not clearly gravitating toward a specific instrument, it does not really matter. What is most important to consider is the child’s relationship with his/her teacher and their overall experience. We recommend taking a demo lesson or two so that you child can experience the different instruments and teachers.

Do parents have to come to lessons?

Yes, parents are required to attend all lessons (even virtual) so that they can take on role of “at home teacher/practice partner.”

What if my child doesn’t like the program? I am bound by a contract?

The commitment is for the duration of the full academic year (Sept-June), however if you need to withdraw for any reason at all, we ask for 30 days’ notice (on the first of the month) or 1 month’s tuition so that we can fill your spot.

Can my child begin at any time during the year?

Yes! As long as we have new student openings.

Our 13-year-old has been learning from Ms. Jenni since she was 6 years old.  She’s become quite the flutist with Ms. Jenni’s guidance!  Ms. Jenni approaches each child with great thought about and flexibility with the child’s unique needs and interests, approaching music education in a holistic and child-centered way.  She also clearly understands the important role that parents play in their child’s education (a lot of research has demonstrated this) and collaborates with parents to make music education a success. 

MI (mom of student)