Suzuki Misconceptions

Fallacies You May Have Heard About the Suzuki Approach There are many misconceptions about the Suzuki Approach to music education. Many parents and traditional music teachers believe them to be true, either because 1) they don't fully understand the philosophy or 2)...

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The Role of the Suzuki Parent

The Suzuki Triangle: Student, Teacher, Parent. All are equal components of a successful Suzuki experience, but what exactly is the role of the parent? Suzuki education differs from traditional methods of teaching primarily because of the parent’s involvement in the...

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Why Start Early Suzuki Lessons?

Shinichi Suzuki’s simple but profound observation, that universally, all children are fluent in their native language at a very early age is not only inspiring, but also gives us an opportunity to rethink current models of early childhood education. If this feat...

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