Expectations of parents have fluctuated greatly in this time of Covid-19 and adjusting to online schooling and lessons. However, collaboration is key when it comes to having virtual Suzuki lessons. The Suzuki Triangle – the connection between parent, student, and teacher – is essential to being successful together.

1. Don’t expect virtual lessons to be the same as in-person. 
Virtual lessons are a different, but very valid, way of learning. We are all adjusting to learning (and teaching) through a screen. Some tasks may be harder to accomplish over video, and some may be a breeze.

2. Progress, Not Perfection 
It’s hard to stay present when every moment is filled with online meetings, classes, and lessons. Suzuki lessons are no exception to this. Progress may not seem to be at its normal timeline, but it will improve. At any learning speed, we are maintaining and laying foundations for the future.

3. Use the Suzuki Triangle to your advantage. 
Just as you would in person, feel free to reach out to your teacher and explain your situation. Our teachers are here to support you and your child’s musical training in any way they can. Communicate with your teacher as much as possible, including all the highs and lows.

4. Be patient, and breathe!

Just as we teachers know and understand our instruments and how to teach, parents know and understand their children better than anyone. Be patient with wifi connections, your teacher, your child, and also yourself. If you or your child are stressed, allow yourself to take breaks. Music is for enjoyment, and not for the sake of work.

Try to make time to sit down together with your child, without screens, to practice together and enjoy learning music.

“An unlimited amount of ability can develop when parent and child are having fun together.” – Shinichi Suzuki