Who is Suzuki?

drsuzukiShinichi Suzuki was a violinist, and founded the “Talent Education” Institute in Matsumoto in 1945.

He believed that because all children could speak their native language so fluently at such a young age, that this was the perfect organic and natural educational framework. He called this the “Mother Tongue” method and applied it to music education for very young children. He believed that children could learn music in the same way they acquired language from their parents by listening, repetition, encouragement and love. Suzuki said that talent was not inborn, but an ability that all children possessed that could be nurtured with a positive and loving environment. The only difference in children was their different sensitivities to the environment. This was often mistaken for “talent.” His greatest desire was to enable all children to have high values, fine sensibilities and beautiful hearts. Currently, the Suzuki Philosophy is taught all over the world through many different instruments.

How are Suzuki lessons different?

  • Parents come to all lessons, take notes, and learn to play too                                       momdaughtersuzuki
  • Parents take on role of “at home practice partner”
  • Group classes and recitals are required
  • Shared repertoire and listening
  • Positive child-centered environment
  • Institutes, play-ins & community

Parent Role

The “Suzuki Triangle” is the relationship formed by the teacher, the parent and the student. This triangle is vital to the success of the Suzuki Approach. Parents and children learn to work together as a team to navigate the challenges of acquiring new skills. Where many traditional music programs ask students to learn independently, the Suzuki Approach invites parents to take an active role in the learning process.


A fun flute practice

“For our daughter, learning the flute has been a wonderful experience. Besides developing her capacities as a young musician, she has acquired a great deal of self-confidence, and this has been reflected in many aspects of her growth. Of course, our son wanted to follow in her footsteps! We have been so happy that he could start the Suzuki program at an early age. Jenni and Stephanie are truly special teachers: patient, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. We feel lucky to have this studio in our community.”


Mom of flute student