Do you have a reluctant child, a child that says NO, or simply
won’t practice when asked?
Here are some ideas:

 1) Ask, “What time do you want to practice?”

Ask before they go to school or do virtual school at homewhen they would like to practice that day. Then write it downand have them put their name at the bottom of the paper you wrote it on. At that designated time, point out that they wanted to practiceat that time. Give a small reward when finished with their practice time. PRAISE works wonders as a reward.

2)  Set a timer for practice.   
A  five year old should practice no less than five minutes. Each age progresses in their allotted amount of time. They may SURPRISE you and even themselves because they practiced longer. Most children,
once they are using their instruments, will want to keep playing.
3) Song choice and interest.
Do they have a favorite, non Suzuki piece they want to learn?
Most children have a favorite song they hum occasionally. Your teacher will be happy to teach it to you.